Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Letter Reading

So, this morning, I picked up my husbands bible to read. (It was right by me where I landed with my coffee.) When I opened it to John I saw the beautiful red letters of Jesus' words. My Bible doesn't have His words set apart in their own color. I had this "Just give me Jesus" mentality. So, I read as much time allowed just the words of Jesus. I LOVE this and will continue to do this for some time.
But, in Bible Study today, I kept hearing Kay Arthur say these two words: Truth and Deceit. It is so important to know truth. I remembered that just this morning in reading Jesus words, numerous times He started His sentences with, "I tell you the truth!" Beautiful words to those that seek to know truth!
I'm so excited about Jesus!!!!


Christy said...

HHMMM... food for thought.
TRUTH... it sets us free!

Chelle said...

Very cool!!!