Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Fall

I've heard it once asked, "Which kind of pain is harder? Physical or Emotional?" Thinking about this, I am inclined to say that the pain you are IN is the hardest. I've also had discussions with many mothers. Mothers in many different stages.
Mothers of:
Elementary Age
College Age
and finally, Grown adults.

Many of those same mothers say that the season you are in is the hardest. Do you ever find yourself literally in a season of the year and just longing to be in a different season? Like it's 100 degrees outside and you long for a blizzard that demands for you to seek comfort by a fire curled up in a blanket with hot cocoa? Or your in Spring suffering with allergies and you simply want out? Anything, but that pollen... or whatever?

Well, I was mountain biking with Nick today and I can't even begin to describe the contentment of this season I'm in. Not only Fall. But, this season of parenting. My girls still want me to sit by them when they watch a movie. But, they don't need me to bathe and dress them. They color imaginative pictures and hold them up to my eyes with pride and they don't need me to teach them how to even hold a crayon or draw a circle anymore. I had paused when I was typing the different stages of motherhood when I got to "Elementary Age." I simply wanted to say the "honeymoon" stage. I love where I am with my girls right now. I love the Fall and how it beckons me to drive slowly to admire what God miraculously does with the trees that I've been surrounded by for months. I passed three trees in a row... Yellow, DARK green, and RED. Just weeks ago, I ran past those very trees not knowing the surprise they had for me bursting with contrast to one another.

My life is in no way perfect. But, honeymoons really aren't perfect either. I struggle watching them wrestle with their own sin natures. I'm too quick to react to them some days. My fuse still runs too short. But, this season is a season I am content in.

God, I know this is because of where you have me in my walk with you. You are filling me so much with Yourself that I am able to appreciate what is around me. Walking with you is what makes me excited about the next season. For now, I'll rest in today's beauty! Thank you!!!!


Mimi said...

Like our good friend Bill Bryan says...Life is hard! And then you die!! (pregnant pause) BUT God is GOOD all the time!! Even the seasons of "nature" can be deadly, even as they are beautiful!! Much to learn as we get "seasoned" in life.

Chelle said...

The picture is beautiful, but your post is even more so.

I agree, whatever pain you are in, at the moment, is just hard. Great post friend.

kelley said...

Glad to "hear" you my friend. Thanks for the calmness of this post. Yes, its amazing out there right now with all the colors and smells! Let's enjoy before the wind carries it all away! Love you!

Nikkie said...

yeah for seasons! i'm so glad you are enjoying this one. school aged children definitely rock!

Mari Fontana said...

Glad to hear this 'season' is a good one!!
Great pics! I love the colors of fall!!