Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fancy Stones

One of the routes where I run, I pass a cemetery. Each time I pass by it (running), I think the thought: "No Fancy Stones for my Bones." I actually have no idea, thankfully, how much tombstones even cost. But, when I see the highest, fanciest one in the graveyard, I actually think the thought that they might not have been saved. I sure don't want people taking out loans to give my bones something fancy for the dirt that covers only my old shell. I mean, I run by this cemetery and feel a hope that wells up within me causing me to PRAISE our God for saving me and giving me an eternal perspective on this life that we are all living. The things that maybe send me out on my run in frustration or depression seem to disappear when I look fully in HIS face because of the reminder of what this life is all about.
I once heard when I was like in Jr. High that the little dash between the year of our birth and the year of our death represents our short life. The sermon or speech or whatever it was concluded with the big statement: "How you choose to live your life is represented in that small dash." Or something like that. It is a great perspective in light of eternity, we are but a dash. I am just so thrilled to be at a place where I now run. I run past a cemetery listening to podcasts hopeful that transformation is taking place to make my dash just ultimately point to Christ. It should ALWAYS be about HIM!!!! He is so GOOD!
This is a picture taken of a cemetery I saw on my bike route this summer in NC. I think it accurately shows the perspective I am talking about :)


Mari Fontana said...

It is definitely a short dash too!!

Staceystace said...

I know what you mean. I actually worked at a cemetery a while ago as a family services counselor. I used to walk through the cemetery and wonder about the lives the people had lived - and where their souls are now.

By the way, granite or bronze head stones are quite expensive!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Thinking of our lives as a dash certainly puts a new perspective ion the matter!