Wednesday, November 4, 2009

18 miles

When I read my "Runner's World" magazine or read a runner's blog I consider myself a beginner because I haven't run a marathon. Why is everything based on the scale of whether or not you have run a marathon? Maybe it's not. But, I perceive it that way. And because I perceive it that way, I'm shooting to run a marathon. I just read a friend's post on why she ran a marathon. Her intentions where so good. You can read about it here. It's rather inspiring. I can only wish that my reasons for training and running a marathon were in line with hers, but I'm still trying to figure out why I'm aiming thataway!!!
When I began my running journey in May of this year I didn't have any goals. I just wanted to run. Quickly, I realized I needed to see how far I could push myself. I still am trying to figure out what it is exactly that is driving me. I can tell you that each milestone brings such joy to me that maybe I'm just running for joy.
Well, to the title of this post...
My inspirational running buddy told me that before I even register for a full marathon, I needed to just run 18 miles to see if I felt okay. Well, I did that yesterday!!!! It's official that I can NOW register for the one I want to do. I watched her cross the finish line and only hoped that I could do it next year. Now, I'm shooting for that goal. So, I am going to register for the OKC Memorial Marathon for April 2010!!!!

On my 18 miler yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed that for right under 3 hours, my body could maintain such a rhythm. I listened to two podcasts and a new playlist. The Fall weather was perfect! I am excited about this running, joyous journey!!!!
I still think someone should pay me for running a marathon instead of me paying $90.00 to run 26.2 miles. What's up with that? Maybe I could take up a collection ;)


Chelle said...

Good for you, and, that's a good pace you have there my friend!

The entry fees are crazy, but at least you'll get a cool finisher's medal and a shirt to brag about it with :)

Christy said...

ya know... taking up a collection wouldn't be a bad thing... I had a friend of mine run a marathon and she ran for a certain "mission", she raised the money... now I don't know if that paid her registration fee or not... but she also raised money for a good cause.

I wish I had the time and the capable knees to run for 3 hours. If I could only get away for 3 hours without kids that would be a blessing!

I am sure you'll do an amazing job next year in your race!

Mimi said...

I sat in my chair and read for 3 hours!! I wonder if I could "marathon" that one!!