Friday, November 20, 2009

Wrongly Delegated

I hear from my daughter's mouth, "I don't want to make you mad!" When did I give her the power of my moods? The power to hold a key to any of my emotions? She is too young. She shouldn't have to feel the weight of responsibility of my happiness. This is something that is difficult to undo.
Lord, give me wisdom in this endeavor!


Mari said...

Ouch...This stings...because over here it has already reached mommy I know I make you mad. Tough one!! I try and explain to them that it is not their person that makes me mad it is their actions...but really I believe that is my cop out for it all. Very convicting!!! They should not have that weight!
Thansk for the post!
Are you on FB?

Christy said...

WoW, that's a good one to post about. I am convicted of that so very ... did I say VERY often.

As long as we are transparent with our children and impress on them that we too are sinners and we make mistakes, and we (as parents) need to confess our sins and ask forgiveness from the Lord and from them as well. (wow that was a long sentence, sorry!)That is what I have been doing a lot lately... saying the "S", "W" and "F" word... "mommy is Sorry, I was Wrong, will you Forgive me?"

I am right there with ya... I too will be praying for you.

Stacey said...

in.sight.ful. That's the Spirit talking straight to me.

Nikkie said...

great post! i agree....very difficult.