Sunday, September 20, 2009

Work Out

After my duel with the bike last weekend it seems that I'm just in a dueling mode. I found an old Garmin Forerunner on Craigslist to try to run with. My desire in having a Forerunner type product is simple: I want to look at my watch and know how far I've gone. I don't need much else. The frustrations of this endeavor are stacking way too high for me to re-tell. My duel with the actual running is that I haven't been doing it much. Here I was on a wonderful pattern or routine and it was all broken up with me stupid bike episode from my last post. So, I'm trying once again to get back into a great routine. I keep thinking that things will get much better in me if I do.

See, I'm having that inner junk that rises within so often. Kind of too complex to put into words. It's right here in this assessment that I almost always "Work Out" the problem. Isn't almost ALWAYS a Heart Issue? Today, I will go on a run and call it a "work out", but really I am going to work out what is going on within my heart!!!!

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Nikkie said...

i definitely agree! i can hardly even run anymore, but usually go for a long, brisk walk to work out whatever is going on. whatever works!