Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great Season, Bad Day

So, I didn't stretch in a sprint across a finish line and break the finisher tape. Because if I did, I wouldn't still be struggling. I do love and appreciate this new season of parenting I'm in, but when these bad days come, I can't be shocked. (especially when they didn't have school yesterday and today!)

I wanted to update on this new season. Along with the kiddos being back in school, I am back in Fall Bible Study. I am doing a Precept Study of Ephesians. Right before starting the homework, I had a prayer. I want to WANT to study His Word MORE. I want to want it for the right reasons. I want a new passion that is really just within. I'm not begging for a mountain top experience, just a simple kindling within me to study with the purpose of KNOWING our God more and glorifying HIM.

Well, I believe He has already answered. On my runs, I no longer have to have loud up-itty music blaring to get me through the routine of it anymore. I have started using some of the time to listen to podcasts. Sermons. The WORD going in more continually. I am thrilled at being fed in more than one area in my walk with Jesus. I kind of feel at times that I'm taking too much in.

Soooooo......I might start changing some of my posts to be more about what I'm learning so that I work on retention and application.

Plus, all of this will help me through those bad days :)

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Mari Fontana said...

I agree. I look forward to reading.