Monday, September 28, 2009

For Heather and Stacey

Dear Mean Lady in my Neighborhood,

What a beautiful day it was today. I am so excited that after years of praying for something specific to help me bond with one of my daughters, the perfect answer has come. We decided to start running together. I have never seen her face ignite with such enthusiasm as I did on our run today.

Did you see her face when you passed by? Or were you too busy being concerned about how much of our neighborhood street the two of us were taking up? Multiple times on our run together, I spotted potentially dangerous areas where the sidewalk was necessary and chose that option for the two of us. However, when you approached, I saw that there were no parked cars on the road to make it too tight to go on and pass us by. I saw that we were on a straight portion of road. And I ALSO saw that as your car came dangerously close to our bodies, you didn't budge!

Thanks for honking because that was really polite.... just in case I didn't notice that you didn't like that we were running on the street two wide. My daughter thought you honked because we might have known each other. You can imagine how hard I had to bite my tongue on my response to that innocent observation.

In the future, if it's clear enough to give up your space on the road for a mother and daughter to enjoy spending some quality time outside together, THEN GIVE THEM SPACE. And you can even honk IF you are going to smile and wave!

With a little bit of weight lifted,
Rachel <><


Heather said...

Oh rude people on the road. If it's not some lady trying to take up the whole road it's that obnoxious person who has a parked car on THEIR side but goes first anyway, even though YOU know they're supposed to wait for YOU to pass by! OR it's those obnoxious teenagers in my neighborhood who see me coming, hear my car RIGHT BEHIND THEM and yet refuse to move out of the MIDDLE OF THE STREET, walking 5 across!!! OH how I feel your pain! :) (Thanks for the shout-out in the title, btw) :)

I would never honk at you unless I was going to smile and wave. :) I don't even honk at the obnoxious teenagers. I just put the car in neutral and rev the engine REALLY loudly. ;)

Chelle said...

Oh yes, I've experienced the very thing. But, it was just me on the road. Go figure.

Clearly that comes from someone who has never run. Because if she did run, she would know running on the street is easier on the joints than the sidewalk.

Nikkie said...

love it, my friend.

Stacey said...

thank you my friend. and shall I add, "Go get 'er, tiger!"