Friday, July 3, 2009


I love trips! Nick and I are in Nashville. I'm about to meet up with a bloggy friend :) We are headed to Windy Gap (a Young Life camp outside of Asheville, NC.) We get to be adult guests hosts for a week of camp. Then, we are finally doing our 100 mile bike ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains!!!!

Funny story of why I'm even here blogging right now. We pulled up to a Starbucks outside of a hotel where I ran in to get our addictions satisfied. I came out and the van wouldn't start. The Hotel people graciously helped us out by giving us a jump start. As I saw the cables that transferred the juice needed to properly get out engine started, I thought about the body of Christ. It is essential to have jumper cables ready in our brother and sisters in Christ lives. Those jumper cables can come in the form of prayer. They can be a hug. They can look so different for each individual need. You don't lose anything by giving someone a jump start. People are usually always willing to do it. There is no hidden fee or agenda. A good ole' jump start gets you going so you can go on and fix your problem.

May I be so sensitive to see how my friends and family could use any of my battery life to jump start them. As I go into this week of watching high schoolers have the best week of their lives at camp and hearing about Christ possibly for the first time, may I be sensitive to the Holy Spirit!!!!


Chelle said...

So very fun! Wahoo indeed...minus the dead battery.

BASSakward Tales said...

what a great analogy...i hope you have a great week at camp and touch so many i know you will...