Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our paster is doing a series on marriage called "The Vow." I sat with pen in hand listening to him. I usually don't take notes from his sermons, but this is a topic that I really want to start paying attention to. See here's the deal.

I LOVE my husband. I feel like God made him specifically for me and no one else. He does make me want to be a better person. We work well together, we communicate, we have fun... I could go on. I fear that we make people sick because we are still cheesy in love. Our first year wasn't hard... *gasp* I know, you probably think I"m lying to you.... but, really there are couples still out there like this. We are one of them and we are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!!

So, with all of this said, why did I have my pen in hand eager to take notes on a subject that really doesn't seem like a weak area in my life? BECAUSE OF THE CARNAGE ALL AROUND!!! I look at the junk of other marriages and FEAR that ours will one day be just that. How many times could a quote someone saying, "I had no idea?" Well, I want to prepare myself, equip myself, fight, study, pray....all of it. I don't want to end up as one of the statistics that Craig shared about. He said this:

*70% of all men have an affair. 60% of all women have an affair.
*50% of marriages end in divorce before they see their 15th anniversary.

Scary. That's it. It is just plain scary to me. So, what I'm struggling with these days is the balance of truly enjoying this gift of a marriage and the fear that I have that reality and our messed up world say that it won't last.

LORD, God~ I know that you know these places in my heart. I want you to so invade all of it and give me your peace. I recognize that this marriage I'm in is ONLY Wonderful because of YOU! Neither of us are deserving or able to take credit. This is Your relationship that you have given. Help us to continue to hold the entire balance of us in Your hand in the center of Your perfect Will. Protect us from walking out of your will in any decision. Thank you for the gift You've given to me in Nick. As He is away and we are committed to praying, I beg of you to stay #1 in his heart, mind and soul. I ask that I do the same. I love YOU!!! <><


Chelle said...


soonercolby said...

Oh Rachel, my heart is so in tune with yours on this subject. Every day I feel so humbled to have been given such an amazing husband. I know it's all the Lord. ALL of it. Even in the "hard" times, it's so reassuring to know that God wrote our love story, just like He did yours. Love you all!

PS we need to watch that series online. So bummed to have been missing it.

Mimi said...

Good marriages take time. Bad marriages take more time. Or something like that....!! I do know that the statistics are staggering among followers of Jesus, which makes me wonder how others ever make it!!

Mari Fontana said...

I second that AMEN!!!!!!!! It is never overkill to make sure our marriages stay healthy!!!!