Friday, January 16, 2009

A Fix

All too often, I need a fix. A fix of contentment. Or a better put: something to fix the broken place that I find myself. Like a pressure cooker, I build up my frustrations. I often wonder why I can't appropriately react to each thing in front of me. Rather than building up to have the one small thing be the very thing that causes an unnecessary explosion!

I am being vague. But that is not because I'm trying to hide any particular event. It is an observation of how I fluctuate throughout most days.

Today was wonderful as my parents took my younger girls to spend the night last night. After dropping off my oldest at school this morning I wondered what I needed to tackle with my free time since my hubby is out of town for four days. What was the most important thing to do before settling in for a long weekend? Oddly enough, it was the organization of my home. Odd because who would choose to do that before hunkering down with five children with freezing temperatures outside? Me. Because I need a clean slate. If a mess on top of unorganized chaos happened, then I would really lose it.

So, I'm settling in focused on doing well without looking for any fix this weekend.

And Lord, may I always find my fix in You because I do know that nothing else fixes anything past the temporary! Thank you for being ALL that I need!! Amen <><

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