Monday, May 26, 2008


Am I the only one out there that can get consumed with blogging? I feel like when I've spent too much time on here catching up on other people's blog, I need to cut it off completely. I know that everything needs to be in moderation. But, there are times that I know I've wasted time here in blog-land. I have taken a break from blogging to help that (and it did.) But, I guess I don't want to have to go to such extremes each time I've lingered too long on blogs.
For now, may I always keep in check my motives for even being on here in the first place. I desire growth. I long for this to be a place that is a healthy outlet for me to process things in life. May I not write for others, but rather for me to gain understanding and document important lessons learned.
I felt like this blog changed a bit for me after Dad was in the Heart Hospital. I used it to update everyone so they could know how to pray. Then, I used it to say where I was headed next and different things in between. I just have lost the focus of what I want this to be for ME.
As I prepare for a very busy and different summer, I love the idea that I'm redefining my purpose here. This journey through all these different stages in life can be forgotten. How cool, that I can look back and remember what the Lord has done for me!


Chelle said...

Amen! I go through that all the time.

Stacey said...

me too! i feel like my blog is like the journaling part of my scrapbooks...except i'm better at it here than in my books! :)

Emily said...

Hey! I hear's hard sometimes to write just for me when I know all these people are reading it too! I am not sure what my purpose in blogging is yet. I have actually been asking the Lord that recently, so it's funny you wrote that. I started it to be an accountability thing for our 30 days with no tv deal last summer, which I really think I want to do again this year, it was soooo good for us. Anyways...lingering too long myself!
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