Sunday, May 11, 2008


I would sit and watch the Mac commercials and laugh (a little.) But today, when I was transferring pictures using a flash drive from my old PC laptop, I realized that I was living the commercial. I slid the flash drive into the usb port of my dell only to watch a bubble pop up at the bottom notifying me of something while the top left corner had a gray box with a little flashlight shaking back and forth until all of the sudden the big, proud box popped up offering me choices of what I wanted to do with what I just put in!!! Making me laugh as I copied what I needed to onto it, I then slid it into the Mac and then it ever so quietly popped up unobtrusively onto the desktop for me to acknowledge at my convenience. After going through this process numerous times.....I had lots to transfer....I was the stinking commercial!! I just watched the two men (laptops) talk to each other :)

I did go on a bit longer than I wanted to. All I really wanted to announce was that I inherited a hand-me-down PowerBook and I love it. It was funny because I sent out an email announcing that I needed people to reply to help me in my process of updating my address book and said that no one really had to say anything. But, because I mentioned the reason for this update was because I had received a Mac, you wouldn't believe the comments!!! I laughed as I opened most (from Mac lovers, of course!)

Anyway, I'm not all with it on the rss feed thingie yet with Safari, so hopefully I'll catch up on reading blogs eventually :)

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Emily said...

Hey:) I always seem to hear, once you go Mac, you never go back:) I am so curious, what is the difference that makes it so awesome? I feel like I need to know!My mom always used a Mac and she liked the artistic things she could do on it, typesetting and such. I am so curious...thanks!