Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wordless Book

This question was asked of me at this recent retreat:
What are you learning from the gospel story right now in your life?

Learning from the gospel? Well, isn't the gospel just for witnessing? I haven't really thought about the gospel in terms of what am I learning from it.
She held up the wordless book and asked:
Are you learning something about green? Are you growing in the word or through life's experiences?
Are you learning something about the black page? Are you struggling in the fight against sin? Are you stuck in sin?

Ah, now I am catching on. I am so thankful for the gospel and the wordless book. The picture of what each page represents is beautiful! With Dad going through heart complications I definitely had the gold page in my mind. Oh, Heaven!!! What a gift to have such peace by the promise of heaven. And the red page!!!! Wow, Jesus' blood offered so that we may have access to everything. We can enter the Holy of Holies that is no longer in a temple, but now within us with the Spirit. The white page is refreshing! I relate this page to grace. We are clean and we don't deserve to be clean. The washing of our sins is given to us at the expense of Christ. Wow! I did't really think I'd go on this long about it. But, I was so inspired about living out the gospel instead of just using it to lead others to Christ that I simply had to share it. May you be blessed by the Gospel!


Kimberly said...

Great post!
I had forgotten all about the wordless book (I'm ashamed to say). I haven't seen it since I was young. How great to revisit it as an adult and focus on each page and how it is working in my life today. Plus I'm glad you reminded me of it so that I can use it as a tool with my chilren as they get older.

Thanks for sharing so much about your dad. It was a privilege to get to pray you all through that. Blogging is such a ministry! I love it!

Chelle said...

Very very cool! I have never seen the wordless book, I remember making the bracelet with those colored beads, but haven't seen the book. I love it!

I pray Dad is continuing to recover and get stronger!

Erica Lynn said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing!