Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I definitely learned the definition of grace this morning. I knew it before, but experiencing it like I did gave me a new understanding of God's grace. It was 9:28 as I finally backed out of our driveway. I think we had already been in the car for five minutes while Kenna tried her hardest to buckle up all by herself. Patience already worn thin, I realized how late we were to get Meg to Mother's Day Out by 9:30. Still, I sped on the first street out of our neighborhood. I looked up and saw the black and white presence that instantly made my heart thump!
After getting pulled over and handing him the goods.....I sat in the car waiting to find out the verdict. I deserved a ticket. I sped. I deserved to pay the fine because I did wrong. It wasn't neccesarily an intentional wrong. I didn't set out to break the law. My circumstances of being late overshadowed the importance of following laws. So, as I had enough time to process that no matter what, when the officer came back I was either going to have a ticket to pay or a warning. I realized that it is what it is. To sit and worry wouldn't change anything.

When he came delivering the warning, I agreed with him that I needed a warning because what I did was wrong. I drove away recognizing that getting a warning when really you deserve to pay a fine is nothing but grace.
God's grace gives to us freely eternal life when we deserve eternal punishment. I am humbled!!!


Irritable Mother said...

I bet you weren't aware that God sometimes disguises Himself as a police officer and drives around giving lessons on grace, were you??!!
So glad you were a willing student. *grin*

jennyhope said...

YAY! I am glad our police cars are white (unless they are interstate cops) in AL!! I am glad you got only a warning!

Chick4Christ said...

wow, thats pretty amazing! love it!

Mimi said...

We can never really grasp how amazing grace is until we see how dark sin is. So is it with traffic tickets. We can't appreciate the grace of a warning unless we understand the price of a ticket!!! Good reminder!!