Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Family

This whole process with my Dad (that we are still in since he isn't home yet) has shown a bright light on the amazing gift that God has given us in our family. Having my sisters fly in and be here with me and my brother without 14 little children in tow has been priceless. Hard considering the circumstances but PRICELESS. We love each other so much. My Dad is one of the most amazing people I've ever known. Watching him go through this just has me baffled because his heart is so tender toward God.
Here he is at a Heart Hospital and the Doctors are looking at his heart, which is a muscle. Yet I'm seeing the heart of who he is in the whole process.
I also know that I'm not alone in my love for him. The out-pouring of love from friends and church members and extended family is such a rich thing to experience.
He perks up at visitors now that he is no longer weak. He's growing stronger each day. There is still no time that has been set to release him. So, for now we continue to pray for the visitors to continue to lift his spirits and the medicines to get to all the right levels until he can go home.
For now, my sisters have flown home and my brother and I are still here with him and Mom.
Tonight one of my daughters asked me what "rich" means. My quick answer was about money. Then I remembered using the word when describing an amazing piece of chocolate cake. Right now, I know that I'm rich because of the family that I have!


Heather said...

Hey friend...just wanted you to know we're still praying for you all. Sorry I haven't been up to see "Papi" yet...I've been soooo tired recently. But I just wanted you to know you all have been on my mind a lot. Love you!

Emily said...

hey! Glad to hear that your dad is in good spirits:) Still praying as you all go through this. Keep me updated:)
Love, em

shanna said...

Family is so important. What an amazing testimony that you have a deep love for one another! Please keep us updated. I am praying daily!

Brent said...

I've had the blessing of sharing some of those moments with the Churchill family this past week, and am as blessed by this family as you express here. I thought your dad was my mentor, but I'm seeing that God has given me your entire family as an example and teacher. Thank you for welcoming me/us the way you do.

Irritable Mother said...

More and more I am convinced the purpose of our circumstance has precious little to do with our circumstance. Clearly, your dad's heart needs help and I believe God will care for his situation. But as you have written about here, God is doing so much more than repairing your dad's heart.
So glad you have eyes to see, and a heart to understand.
Love you,