Monday, March 3, 2008

One Week

It was a week ago this morning that Dad came to this heart hospital. Dad has been through so much that today was such a great day to get such a great update for the Doctor. He came in to tell us about the echocardiogram. When his heart beats, the muscle that we are concerned about doesn't get pushed up when the blood flows through which means that it isn't dead. Instead, it lays flat when the blood flows which means there is a chance that it could still repair. The rest of his heart has handled the added weight perfectly. We are 60 hours into our 72 hour wait to see how his heart is handling what happened Saturday morning. So far, so good!

His vitals have remained really good! His color looks good! His spirits are high! I believe this is all because of your prayer.

We are now just on the road to adjusting his medicines to get him to a place where he can go home.

My heart is so happy to see a smile on his face. He has felt blessed to see us (his family) by his side and to see loved ones pour out prayer on his behalf. What a great day!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

To God be the glory; great things He has done!!!


Erica Lynn said...

Praise God! Your dad and family have weighed heavy on my heart the last few days. Glad to hear some good news.

Shellie said...

Oh Rachel, I am so happy for your news. Ditto what Erica Lynn said.
I pray for even greater peace and health for your wonderful family.
Love in Christ,

Chelle said...

Glad your Dad is in good spirits...must be a great family around him and supporting him! Praying for you all!! :)

Anonymous said...

Rick and I are praising GOD with you and your family! We will continue to pray!
Carol & Rick Larson

shanna said...

oh this makes me so happy! I am so encouraged! I am rejoicing with you!!!!! I will keep praying!