Friday, February 29, 2008

Still a Praise, but need some prayer

Dad is still in the Heart Hospital because since the stints were successfully placed, he has had some episodes with the rhythym of his heart. We are on day 5 up here. This Atrial Fib. his heart is doing is causing them to try different medications to get him stable before they can even think about sending him home.

One really cool miracle story I just couldn't wait to share was that we found out (after the fact) that the artery that they had to stint has a nickname of the "widow maker." It is the largest artery to the heart (the LAD) and if that is the one with the blockage, it is usually not a good outcome. Our nurse told us that we are a very blessed family. We are. God knows the time of when Daddy is going to be taken home and apparently it wasn't with this heart attack!

So, with that praise I still ask for prayer because we are still here and it's getting hard to stay in a Hospital for so long.


Chelle said...

Certainly will continue praying! :)

Stacey said...

love and prayers to you mimi's mail for something from the kiddos for poppi!

shanna said...

I have praying so much for you all! I pray you feel His love and Presence with you all!