Thursday, February 21, 2008

Return From Passion and Illness

On the drive down to the Passion Conference, fever swept over my body. I was so sad to have to spend the first night of the very short conference in my hotel room sick in bed.

That's right! I finally caught what my family has had, which I can only assume is the flu. It's strange the timing of it all. Now, here I am seven days later finally able to post. I don't think I'm totally in the clear yet as I've heard this thing can stick around for a couple of weeks. :(

But, about the conference. I did get to attend two out of the four sessions. Francis Chan knocked it out of the park! That guy is so gifted at delivering God's passionate heart to that age group. I have since lingered on his blog and enjoyed hearing his heart there too!

It's interesting to me that I could enter this conference in such a different place spiritually than before. The first time, I was a dry well in need of spiritual saturation. This time I was on the same page with this team of leaders and able to worship and pray with such unity! The heartbeat of that event is healthy and strong. Visit their blog if you want to stay in tune with what God is doing in and through them. Start with this post first because it was about our time in Dallas!

So, there is the update! So sorry it took so long. Thanks for all those that prayed and keep praying now for the health within my family and the many other families across our nation suffering with this bug.


Chelle said...

Happy to hear the conference went so well, despite the illness. My husband came down with the flu last week. He's on the mend now, but whew, yucky stuff. I'm just praying I don't get it because pregnancy is hard enough! Praying you continue to heal, and continue in the worship that was started at Passion :)

Emily said...

Hey girl! So glad your feeling better! Andy and I had the same thing it sounds like.
I am so excited for your time at the sounds like you all grew in Jesus together, I'll have to check out those websites. Talk soon!

Mimi said...

Well, maybe we can both be well at the same time again and get back to our normal lives!!!

jennyhope said...

i so hope that you are feeling better. i have been so wiped out lately myself!
I am so glad you got to go. I am jealous in a godly way.
i cant imagine how hard it is with the 3 kids and being sick!

ashleykimble said...

It seems like there are so many catching this horrible bug! I do hope that you are 100% soon! Sounds like you had a good time despite the illness! I am planning to read some of the links you put on your post, what I have read so far has been awesome!

shanna said...

I missed you at bible wasn't the same without you!