Thursday, February 1, 2007

Introduce Yourself

1.WHO are you?
2.WHAT do you do? (like job)
3.WHEN did you start blogging?
4.WHERE are you from?
5.WHY are you here (in blog land?)
6.HOW OFTEN do you visit?

My answers:
1. Rachel. I am a mother that struggles on a daily basis to die to self.
2. I stay at home taking care of, disciplining, and training 3 girls.
3. In Feb. 2007 but not seriously or consistently until September of 07.
4. Oklahoma
5. To grow. To process. To learn.
6. Every couple of days.

Your turn to answer :)


Anonymous said...

1.WHO are you?
2.WHAT do you do? (like job)
I'm pregnant getting ready to be home full time.
3.WHEN did you start blogging?
3 months ago
4.WHERE are you from?
5.WHY are you here (in blog land?)
killing time
6.HOW OFTEN do you visit?
not that often

Chelle said...

1. Michelle
2. Personal Trainer and AdvoCare Distributor
3. Oct 2005
4. TX girl living in TN
5. Love to write
6. Whenever there's a new post!

Connie said...

1) Who are you? I'm Connie...a long lost friend from the Colorado days

2) What do you do? Oh...many things. I stay at home with my 3 boys (4, almost 3 and 1) I change diapers, fix meals, play with dinasours and trucks.

3) When did you start blogging?
In January 2007 ish

4) Where are you from? All over...but most recently Oklahoma

5) Why are you here? I wanted to record what I was thankful for, and it's a great outlet for me.

6) How often do you visit?
Every couple of days

Aron & Suz said...

1. Suzanne, childhood friend...and you were my favorite babysitter. :)
2. Stay at home mama and loving it
3. About 2.5 years ago
4. Born in OKC, moved to TX, CA, TX, IL, and back to TX. :)
5. It's not only a creative outlet for me, but I love to stay connected to family and friends across the country
6. Usually daily

Kaylyn said...

1. Kaylyn
2. Mom of four and "freelancer" for several companies doing mostly marketing
3. Haven't
4. Denver, CO
5. Because I Love Rachel
6. not often

living out loud said...

1. Shellie Merchant
2. a stay at home mom
3. just a few days ago
4. Oklahoma
5. to connect and vent with others moms especially, to grow spiritually
6. every other day

FYI...your mom sent me to yours

Mari Fontana said...

My name is mari..
I am a stay at home mom of three and pregnant with number 4....
I started blogging @9 months ago....
I live in South Carolina...
I like blogland for a numbe rof reasons, encouragement, to vent,and to keep in touch with friends...
I visit every once in a while, I found your blog through emily's...