Thursday, February 8, 2007

In My Head

I'm starting this space as a place to gather thoughts with the intention of growing in my relationship with the Lord. See, when I'm at the red light, I've stopped enough to actually pay attention to the Spirit living within me. I believe if we would all just hush ourselves enough and write down some of what He's teaching us, we'd all grow in amazing ways. I'll take what randomly (or Sovereignly) comes into my head and form a journal allowing growth to take place.
I've often times thought that I should write a book because of my life experiences and my gifts. See, I have the gift of transparency and honesty. I have bumps in my journey that I'm not afraid to talk about. I desire for God to be glorified in talking about them and for growth to take place in other people because of them. But, because of blogging, I no longer feel that I have to write a book. I can express thoughts and join in with others in discussion. It's like a live article. I'm so excited about the sense of community that happens here!


Irritable Mother said...

Good stuff!
I love journaling, too, and believe it is one of the ways God speaks to me. Weird, how He could speak through my own writing, but I believe He does.
Keep up the good work!

Emily said...

yes, you do have a gift! i love reading your thoughts and your transparency is so helpful and inspiring. thanks for pouring into my life and the lives of so many others-i love you sister!