Thursday, February 8, 2007

Struggling with Puppy Love

Spencer is my dog. He is only 7 months old. We bought him as a puppy (12 weeks old.) I paid a whopping $150.00 for him. Then, all the money for the shots, the neutering (poor thing), the puppy training classes (and some of the babysitting we paid for to take him to the classes), the collar, the leash, the food, the dog treats, the dog toys for him to eat so that he won't eat our furniture and the girls' toys. You can probably hear already the regret I have in buying a puppy. So I begin to struggle on getting this dog to obey when I can't even get my children to obey. I can't get rid of the kids, so I contemplate getting rid of the dog?! Nick says he loves the dog and the girls do to. Do I love the dog? I just did a whole scrapbook layout in our family album for crying outloud!!!! How long do I have to hang in there for the dog to outgrow his chew on everytihng stage? I hope this stage passes quickly as this daily testing is getting old.

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