Thursday, March 10, 2011

Live Fully

When I wrote about our decision to stay in OK instead of moving to CO I had said that God clearly showed us we were to be here. There was a work that God had begun here on this street and I knew in my heart that God wanted me to listen to Him and be used by Him. I am so humbled as I write this story.

I remember thinking and possibly even saying to Nick that if we are called to stay in OK for my neighbor to enter into a relationship with Jesus, securing a place with God in eternity, then it is worth it! So, as documented on my blog, we accepted the job in December and I had mentally prepared for the years of growing in my relationship and watching for opportunities for God to use me and my life to show her HIM! These things take time, right? .....Yeah, on God's time table. Who knows how many perfectly placed seeds had been placed in her 50 + years of life that brought her to her readiness to call on His name and invite Him into her heart just three days ago!!

In these days following her decision, I have been able to first-hand watch transformation take place. I am so full right now. My life just feels FULL. I am humbled to be in a place where God is using me. Here I was in the midst of some physical pain and out of my routine trying to learn to give thanks in everything and BAM... My neighbor accepts Jesus!

Through this process, I realize how rich in faith I am. How blessed I am for all the flannel graph board stories, sword drills, bible verses memorized, life lessons learned, and 30 plus years of being in a relationship with Jesus. I am rich and I am full. I am choosing to live more fully with thankfulness in my heart. Are you?


Jo said...

Thanks for your wonderful words today. What a blessing you are in my life as well. Love ya!

Chelle said...

This post just made my day!!! WOO HOO! God is good.

Mimichurchill said...

Flannelgraph!! Not felt!! You wouldn't have known that as a child. 20+ years from now (if He should tarry) your girls will be thanking Him for videos of Veggie Tales and Kids Sing Along Songs and Donut Man!! Look how much you are teaching your girls!!!

Stacey said...

simply awesome. :)