Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Egg Shell Growth

Since I'm an open book, the real deal, extremely (too a fault sometimes) transparent; I used to the think of the idea of "walking on eggshells" as wrong. But this morning when approached by a subject matter that I KNOW can put a halt to the rhythm of our school morning routine I decided that there was nothing more appropriate or right than walking on eggshells!

As I treaded lightly through the minefield of this dilemma, I realized that over the years, wisdom has found me. Ironically enough, smarts hasn't found me as I've spell-checked twice already :)

Please hear me. This is not a prideful tone saying wisdom has found me. Truly it's an "a-ha" moment for me to watch how I respond differently to things because of life's experiences.

My Daddy always told me I wouldn't be grown-up until I ate tomatoes. Well, I eat them now, but I think I've grown up and matured because I'm finally learning from so many battles that could have been avoided had I treaded lightly!


Neeko said...

Crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush, crush...

Princess MommyPants said...

I think knowing when to speak, and when NOT to speak is a hard lesson! It takes a lot of control to "walk on eggshells" sometimes.

Chelle said...

Hooray for wise victories :)

Heather said...

I guess I'm still not a grown-up, then. :) Hooray for small victories for you!

(The treading lightly thing...not the tomatoes thing. Although that's a pretty big thing!) :)

nikkie said...

i like this post.