Monday, March 7, 2011

MRI results are in...

.....As I laid in two different machines that hammered away images that would reveal to the doctor exactly what action to take with my troubled shoulder and knee, I prayed. I told God that I was so glad that He knew exactly what was going on and I took great comfort that the same God that created all the tissue and tendons and muscles and bones in my body was with me in the stillness (but not the silence) of the MRI.

Today, I patiently waited for the Dr. to finally review what was found. I felt like a medical student hearing advanced terminology for the first time and needing to see it all written on a piece of paper. Okay, i don't really know what it feels like to be a medical student in any way at all, but you get the point.

I received a steroid shot in my shoulder today to help with the rotator cuff impingement. After the inflammation is down a bit, with some stretching, hopefully we will kick this bursitis right out of there :) .... maybe swimming will be in my future?

Surgery has been schedule for my knee the week after spring break. We would have done it this week, but I am planning on taking my girls to CO for their Spring Break and I did not want to cancel on them.

So, the specifics: It's a knee arthroscopy with lateral meniscectomy and a chondroplasty. Yeah, I had to google all those words. Basically a short outpatient arthroscopic knee surgery with a pretty good recovery time.... considering I've already been out of commission for six weeks. Heck, what's another month or two?

My attitude and "take" on the report: I'm thankful. I'm thankful for doctors that can actually do something about what I've been suffering from. I will be posting soon about a book I'm reading that is showing/teaching me the importance of thankfulness in EVERTYTHING!!!!


Chelle said...

Praying for you friend, for great doctors, easy procedure, and speedy recovery.

nikkie said...

miss you.

enjoy your spring break in CO!

soonercolby said...

Rachel, my mom is in physical therapy for her shoulder (bursitis)and I know she's been in a lot of pain as well. I can't imagine struggling with pain in a shoulder and a knee! I'm really sorry. Maybe I can bring you lunch for your birthday?