Friday, October 22, 2010

Hanging My Hat

In April of 2009, I watched my friend cross the finish line of a marathon and I was inspired. Most of you know that I went on to buy some running shoes and become a girls who runs. I began my year of 2010 with my first 1/2 Marathon in Austin, TX! Then I incorporated a local 10k into part of my training for the full marathon that I ran in April. And then, this past sunday, I ran another 1/2 in Denver, CO.

As this week has gone by, I've flipped through my running magazines to see if anything catches my attention for what's next on my running radar. I've concluded that it's time to hang my hat for events for 2010. It's been an amazing year and I hope to start topping this year with even better ones to come!

I've learned so much in devoting time to prepare for long distance running event. I know I've mentioned most of it here on this blog. Today, I'm thankful that I got to have a full year of health allowing me to be in a place where I could train for and complete such events.

God, thanks for allowing my body to perform these fun endeavors. Thank you for the wisdom that I've been exposed to just through the men that have devoted their lives to preaching your Word. I thank you for Andy Stanley, Matt Chandler and Francis Chan who have correctly handled your Word and been faithful to deliver the message you give to them week after week. Thank you for the technological advancements that allow me to have such sermons so accessible to me during the hours spent running. May I always hold running with an open hand to you. Take it away anytime you see fit. Allow me to continue to do it if it brings you the most honor and glory!

And, with that, my hat is hung for now ;)


Chelle said...

Bravo friend! Excellent post. People really don't believe me when I tell them training for an endurance event teaches you a considerable amount about God, self, and the body. :) Kudos.

The McKays said...

awesome work! wonder what next season has in store for you? :)