Thursday, October 14, 2010

Buddy Tape

Over the summer, on a water skiing trip, I sprained my finger. It only hurt right when I did it and I never thought about it again. Until I lifted pillows off of my bed and the finger easily slipped, straining that same ligament again. For months, I would "baby" that finger in hopes that I could quit re-inuring it. It kept happening and kept making me mad. At one point, I tried a finger splint but felt stiffening pain that just didn't feel right.

So, finally after three months, I had a "final blow" where I swiped it the wrong way and the pain told me that I was going to continue to sprain it all too easily if I didn't do whatever I needed to do to let it heal.

That day, I attempted to "buddy tape" my fingers. Two days later, I swiped it again WITH the tape on. That's when I realized I must have had it taped wrong. So, I googled how to buddy tape fingers together and did it as instructed.

Here is what is interesting to me about this whole ordeal. I've had a finger injury, a problem that has needed to be dealt with, since July. Only now, in October have I taken action and done something about it. Well, stiff taped up fingers, I have found is definitely something people notice and ask about. EVERYONE I see has asked what happened to my finger.

I find it curious in answering because I have injured it on so many occasions, I don't really know where to begin.

But, plugging this in to a spiritual analogy, I see that people can be walking around with all sorts of problems or injuries that need to be dealt with. When you finally see a splint or medical tape on them, it is the indicator that something has gone wrong and needs to be made right.

Something that no one knew I was suffering from or dealing with is now made known. Hmmm... how many of us see people every day and don't notice the ache or the actions that could reveal a need for some "buddy tape?" So, as my finger heals and the questions about it keep on coming, you can know that I have on my mind that we all need to bandage some other ache or pain in our lives to allow for healing to take place. :)


Mimi said...

Great analogy, Honey!! And what is it that makes us wait so long to "get fixed"? Is it pride, laziness, denial??? Some thing are harder to face and thus fix than others, but nonetheless suffering more from neglect. Good reminder to us all, hurt finger!!

Stacey said...

buddy tape = bear one another's burdens...a recurring theme with the Lord and me lately. love you!

Anonymous said...

You and Stace are sooooo much like your Mommies! Congrats! Pop White

The McKays said...

great analogy! thanks for taking the time to post. xoxo