Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Real Home

Every time we've bought and sold a home, I have felt this way about the process:

It is not a done deal until it's a done deal. Our house has to pass an inspection. Our buyers have to come through. Future home has to pass inspection. Funding has to arrive in the right time. All of the details that make you feel like it's just not a done deal. Maybe being a realtor's daughter makes me feel this way because of seeing so many deals fall through! Yet, it's never happened to me.

Each time I sit in the place where two offers hold us through until the closing, I struggle to get on the phone and start all of the new services on an address that isn't really ours yet. I struggle to do all of the change of address work on a property that isn't in our name. Getting the boxes and starting to pack? I have to do it, but the "what if's" keep me from starting.

This has me thinking of the real home where the property is in our name. Heaven. My name is written in the Lambs book of life. And, I don't have to pack. I don't have to worry about other people doing their part, because He has done it ALL! Oh, how I long for Heaven and to be in our real home. He went.... to prepare a place for me. In His Father's house are many mansions. This is something I can get excited about without reserve!!!

But, until that time.... with a little reserve, I'll start the process of getting some boxes and packing up my home because we have a move on the horizon.


Chelle said...

Give me Heaven and leave someone else to do the packing!

When we moved, some friends did, literally, pack up our whole kitchen for me, and pantry, and extra bathroom. Yea, they rock. They even left me little notes on the packing paper for when I unpacked.

The McKays said...

great post and great reminder to be sure.

i'm excited for you guys! where is your new place (hopefully!) located?

Manda said...

It's it going to be glorious... our Heavenly home.
Happy moving (here on earth)!!! xo

Irritable Mother said...

What a beautiful reflection, Rachel.
Oh, for the day when we are in our Home, sweet Home!

BASSakward Tales said...

AWESOME post....I have not been following my blogs very closely due to some health problems...but thank you so much for the reminder of where our REAL home is...I hope everything works out for you, the family and the house!