Friday, April 10, 2009

Gifts and Grace

I have always loved the analogy that the Word uses to describe the believers as members of ONE Body!!! It just makes such great sense to me. Because of the picture, I truly get how our giftedness is used in the Body of Christ.
I am Rachel. I need my liver, my brain, my pinky toe, my heart, my eyes, etc... They all work to do different things but for the benefit and purpose of Rachel.
Believers (Jesus followers) all work for the purpose of glorying and serving God. One may be evangelistical... bringing the gospel to people who have not heard. Some may rock babies during a church service so that the parents can worship and grow. You know that the list could go on.... So, to my new revelation:

I've been in a Bible Study on GRACE. As you read the scriptures that talk about our Spiritual Gifts you find that each gift is given by grace. The amount of grace that is given FOR each gift is appropriate to each gift given. Sooo..... to apply GRACE to the already wonderful analogy of the body of Christ.....Picture Grace as the blood flow!!! If I am the pinky toe in the body of Christ, then I don't NEED as much blood flow as say the Heart. The amount of blood given to each part is the perfect amount.

God gives us the perfect amount of grace to exercise our spiritual gifts. Do you know what your spiritual gift is? I just took a test to re-discover mine (it had been a few years.) You can take it here. Share your gift with me and tell me if you have always had enough grace to practice that gift!!!!


Staceystace said...

Hey, Rachel. Mine is 1)teaching and 2)administration. I have bombed at times, but can't help but do it because it is the way I am wired. I do wish I could serve with these gifts in my church but can't...I use these by the grace of God in my own home, though - and will exercise these gifts in a public school classroom soon if the Lord so wills!

Stacey said...

good Word, Rach. I'm printing out your mom's transcribe(-ment? -ing?...-tion! transcription! the "b" to "p" was tricky... anyhoo...) of Kay's Grace videos, and look forward to reading it. maybe i oughta get the book, too!