Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Call this my midlife crisis, but AGE has certainly crept up on me. All of the sudden, like in the last couple of months, I'm OLD. The gradual recognition has been there.....
being finished having children
15 year reunion
going to weddings and baby showers of people I used to BABYSIT!!!!

It wasn't until I walked into a room for a couple's wedding shower that I realized I was not one of the young girls that was a part of the wedding party. No, sadly, I wasn't one of the young marrieds that had just had a baby for everyone to gawk over either. I was over in the crowd with the parents of the one's getting married. I'm old.

I'm actually doing talk of, "I used to be able to eat like that!" or "I didn't ever have to exercise!" But, it's like that day just flew past me and here I am thinking about life.... all of it. (however long it is for each of us.) My hands are getting wrinkled and one day they'll be baby soft like they were when they were chubby and learning how to grab.

I've needed a bit of perspective. The Bible tells us that our life is but a vapor! Think of all eternity! Spending not the rest of our lives with Jesus, but ALL eternity..... the rest of our lives is still in the vapor that vanishes so quickly!!! So, about that dash which represents our time between life and death.....how do we spend it? How do we choose to live our days? I want to do it with my eyes fixed on Jesus and eternity and worshipping the ONE who sits on the throne. He sits there now! While we plug away and wash the dishes, the clothes, the house. While we watch our children grow, He is there reigning!!! He is above all Kings and Kingdoms.

I think of the movie "Click" often. There are so many times I've just wanted to fast forward my way through certain seasons of life. I never really want to pause, stop or rewind. It's like I have this drive to make it to the end. I believe that spiritually, I am driven to run the race with endurance and perseverance and make it. But, I am often so focused on the end that I am missing so much of my now. May I learn to relish in the NOW! Wrinkles and Acceptance and ALL :)


Mari Fontana said...

I TOTALLY hear you!

Stacey said...

aw, you're still as spry as a spring chicken! :) and hey, if you're now in your parents' "catagory", consider yourself in good company! :)

shanna said...

I too think of these things often. I want my life to count for Him...every bit of it! It is going by so quickly, it makes me want even more to invest in relationships and to live out Isaiah 58. Miss you!!!

Staceystace said...

I started to feel really old when I went back to school. I had always been the youngest in my circles - having had children so young. But now I'm OLD! It was a weird kind of shift.