Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Dad

After one year from his first heart attack, we celebrated His life. We invited people over and gathered around to pray and talk about what God did in a lot of us from his heart attack and the closeness of him dying. It was a wonderful time remember and celebrating his life. About five days after that (this past sunday night/monday morning) he ended up back at the heart hospital with some heart complications. Thankfully he got to go home today. I really was only going to put a link where my Mom wrote about it because I've just not had enough energy or time to write lately.... so here IT is :)


Staceystace said...

I'm so glad he is okay! I hope there are many celebrations to come.

km said...

I forgot about that. But, I think a year ago is probably around the first time I read your blog. My Dad has been gone 16 months now. He had a heart attack in October 2008 and was gone within a week. Life is so full of the unexpected. I'm ever so grateful for the ANCHOR in my life.