Monday, March 30, 2009

Bribe or Reward... Motive?

"I'll give you a piece of gum IF you clean your room while I'm getting ready!"

Did I really just say that this morning? This was like 5 minutes after rewarding them with a jelly bean for playing so well together. Can those two rewards be any more different? I mean, one of them is this bribe.... the expected, the target, the end result, the motive. The other is a complete surprise and I would dare to say even more appreciated.

As I turned my head upside down to dry my hair my thoughts twisted the scenario around. How much am I like a child seeking a reward or working for the bribe. While I may not be sold on gum or jelly beans, there are definite things I go after. They just look different.

Today I contemplate what is driving me to do well. To be good. To make the right choice. I'm full of a sin nature that only wants to gratify itself. I also am indwelt with the HOLY Spirit of God that prompts, convicts, teaches, urges and so much more. So, it is good to pay attention to what is driving and motivating me. That will pinpoint which I am serving. So, as I even think a thought, I will see where the root of my thought began. Am I looking out for me as #1 or am I putting to death me SO THAT there is room in my moment by moment for God to do His thing?

The reason for thinking all of this today? I'm back at it. Our plane landed last night and I came home to routine. Funny (and sad) to see how long it takes me to fall into frustration. On vacation, self gets the best of you. It's not that I wasn't serving Christ while away, I just have three little reminders that walk around my house practically pointing at my selfishness.
Thank you, Lord for your gentle reminders of what you use to grow me! You, CREATOR of the UNIVERSE care about my growth and I feel so humbled that YOU know me so intimately. Help me to nail anything that is sprouting up within me that has taken root in the wrong nature. <><


Stacey said...

nail on the head, Rach. perfect words "three little reminders (5 for me...ouch!) walking around my house practically pointing at my selfishness." sheesh. thanks Holy Spirit.

Mimi said...

I hate to tell you that it never goes away, but it does mellow a bit over the years....that selfishness, I mean. By the way, I do like your new look on your blog!!! Don't you think you should redo mine???