Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My husband is amazing!!!!

I woke up this morning prepared for my husband to kiss me goodbye for a trip that I know he has had planned for months. I fully geared myself up for being single mom for 5 days. As his packing time approached, my Mom walked in the door to pick up my girls.... what?

My husband pulled off a surprise!!! I had one hour to pack my bags to go to NC with him on this five day trip that I was dreading. Wow! Are you in shock like I was? Dang..... he pulled it off! I knew nothing. The day before I was googling vacation packages. See, we had been talking about celebrating our 10 year anniversary this August!!! He did it. We are celebrating my Birthday (last saturday) and our anniversary. We flew into Raleigh. Just landed at an awesome restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC before driving to Asheville. This restaurant was something we stumbled upon by using some silly application on my iPhone. We were trying for some Italian restaurant and ended up right at the UNC campus and going to a famous place suggested by some people passing by on the street!!! It was called Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery. Great place!!!! Now we're hitting the road for the rest of what he has planned. We had just enough time to stop and buy a movie on iTunes for our drive. Have a great week!!!!


Anonymous said...

He and Mimi are amazing! Have a great trip, Rach!
Pop White

colorfulwoman said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! Have fun and Happy Belated Birthday!
I miss NC! Enjoy!!

soonercolby said...

Good one, Nick. You rock!!

Stacey said...

too fun! Yea, Nick! Yea, Mimi! Yea birthday girl! :) Happy Anniversary!

Staceystace said...

That is great! I know you are back already, but I hope you both had a wonderful time.

Aron & Suz said...

I think this was so wonderfully special. Good job, Nick, for doing such a stellar job! Happy birthday and upcoming anniversary. I'm so glad it was a superb trip.