Monday, January 7, 2008


I felt so prayed for last night during our time presenting our testimonies. It was exhilarating! God was doing it all as we shared all that He has done and is doing in our lives!
Prior to sharing, I thought I was going to pass out because I was so nervous. My dad prayed for me. The church staff prayed for us behind closed doors. You all prayed and I really thought there was no way my heart would stop pounding and my shakes would subside. But, my brilliant husband had the idea for us to sit in comfortable chairs with handheld microphones rather than standing at a podium! That allowed me to settle in and talk openly and freely without jitters! Thanks to all who lifted us up in prayer!
I feel so humbled to be a part of the ministry of Young Life! If any of you are interested in supporting us or would like to receive our newsletters via email. Leave a comment and click the button on the comment box that allows us to email each other!
Now Nick and I are headed to the ASC (All Staff Conference) in Orlando, FL. My dear Mother will be watching our girls this week....if you'd like to pray for her! I'll be in touch after our conference.


StaceyStace said...

I'm so glad it went well. What a smart idea (the chairs)! I have to come up with ways to combat nervousness in public speaking - I am always sooo nervous before, and then as I get started I am okay. Praise the Lord that you and your husband have a testimony to give of what God is doing and that He is blessing your ministry.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

The YL-er I supported was Vince Miller. He is now in MN, Director of Twin City Intervarsity.

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Chelle said...

Some friends of mine will also be in Orlando at the Young Life conference. Mark and Tricia Krimm...Mark is the director in this area for YL. Hope you all have a blast, and glad to hear about Sunday night. Yippee! Kudos to hubby for thinking of the chairs :)

Connie said...

Hey, put us on your email support list! I'm so excited for you all! You are in my prayers!
Our Email is
Have fun in Florida!

shanna said...

add me to your list.

I am so roud of you Rachel! Go God!

Irritable Mother said...

Yea, God!
I'm glad to hear the testimony went well. God has a way of making His glory come forth.
Enjoy Florida!