Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Should this marriage end?

On paper, many things can look black and white. Put someones true circumstance in a movie and add some music and you are drawn. You automatically identify. It's in a way that suddenly you can see reason for getting out of a marriage. Are you following me?

Let me try this way. I hear of bad choices a husband makes. I recall God's promises. God's promises outweigh the circumstance and I see a happy ending. Or I watch a mother crying late at night after putting her children to bed alone and tired. She is physically unable to do any of it anymore. She is at her end. Compassion overtakes me and I think that she simply has to get out of the marriage to better survive.

You see I think our vision is blurred by our circumstances. We may know truth but once we see how hard it is to follow the truth, we don't factor God's Power into the equation. I once heard it said, "We are shown how to live in the light so that we know what to do in the dark." We learn it "on paper" so that when vision is blurred we remember truth.
In trials, don't take the easy way out. Press on. Plus, the easy way is probably only temporarily easy since we can see into the future to see what those choices do to us down the road.

I'm no counselor and don't pretend to be. Everyone has different circumstances. So, in each trial, seek Peace from the Lord on such decisions. I can't imagine facing some of the choices that my friends are trying to make. But, God knows ALL of the details. Talk to Him and I will too!


Chelle said...

Our pastor did a great sermon on whether or not Christians should divorce. Feel free to pass on the following link to your friends:
The sermon date is 3/18/07

Can't imagine being in that situation either. Ick. But, all things are possible with God, whether our eyes can see it or not!

StaceyStace said...

--Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage-- is a great little book, written by Dr. Jay Adams, that I would recommend for people in this very, very, VERY difficult situation.

It is helpful for the one going through marital conflict, as well as for the Body of Christ, as we minister to those who are there.

This is a loaded and emotional issue which takes lots of time and care. As someone who has been divorced and remarried, I will encourage you to be a voice of hope for your friends (it sounds like you are). Sometimes it seems the thing to do is to try to shake otherwise level-headed people out of their stupor. But it is hard to stop the freight train of destruction when there *seems to be no hope*. We all need hope, and when staying in the marriage seems like a life sentence of loneliness and pain, sometimes it is helpful to know somebody can let you admit it and mourn it without throwing the book at you! (Although there is certainly a time that should happen.)

I know this is a lengthy comment, but lastly, I will add - to anyone desiring to truly minister with the love of Christ - you will be blessed...just do not be a "drive-by" advice giver..that's really not helpful! :^)

Emily said...

hey girl! i have missed you :) everything here is fine, just crazy hectic and i havn't been able to write in awhile.
you have no idea how this entry touched my heart tonight. i am absolutly not talking divorce at all, but your comment on the tired mother alone putting her children to bed at night feeling she can't do this anymore is me latly. especially tonight. andy is working late all the time latly and i am so tired. i think my working has put a lot on me, although i love my job very much. i was crying today to the Lord because i feel at my end. all in all though, He is so faithful and He did give me peace tonight. thanks for your post!
love you!