Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ya know, I just sounded like such a complainer in my last post. I mean all those thoughts and feelings are real and valid. It's just that I found out the day after that post that someone close to me has just discovered her husband's unfaithfulness during their entire married life. She's pregnant with their 2nd child and I can't even imagine all that she's dealing with.

I'm so thankful today for a wonderful husband. He loves the Lord. He fears the Lord and he pursues the things of God. I should have no other complaints. Thank you, Father for this amazing gift that You've given to me in him.

My little problems just needed a little bit of perspective I guess. Last night I was tackling my fourth load of laundry when all of the sudden, the washer just went ker-put. I mean, the blasted thing decided it didn't want to spin. It was full of water and I just sighed and realized it was part of going into ministry. Isn't that when everything breaks? I mean, we had to take one of cars in today to get a new timing belt. When it rains, it pours. There is not a lot of extra money in ministry. I'm excited to watch God provide for our needs. I know He didn't lead us here to play a joke on us. In a sense, I feel like my new perspective has allowed me to somewhat face these things in our life with joy. Joy in knowing I'm right where God wants me to be today!


Irritable Mother said...

I was just talking with a friend today about the times when it seems like Satan is going after you. Like, you step out in faith to go into ministry (My husband has been on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for over 14 years...I understand the "not a lot of extra money" thing.) and then everything starts breaking. I told her I love to proclaim OUTLOUD, "Satan, you can attack me, but JESUS HAS THE VICTORY!!!"
Yes, God will provide. I can testify to that one!
So glad for your new perspective and the joy you're finding in it.

Ang baylis said...

You are so right! God has you right where He wants you! I'm so glad you are cherishing your husband today in the midst of all of the annoyances! Your kids are beautiful! I can tell you have your hands full!!! I know a lot of people say to enjoy this time because it goes by so quickly... but it's true! Before you know it, they'll be off to college! I am speaking from experience. My two were 13 1/2 months apart, so I know a little bit of what you are going through! I am so happy we have this blog so we can share our lives with each other and know we are not alone!

Thank you for your honesty!
Much love today!
Angie xoxo

Chelle said...

Beautiful post, and a great reminder. God is good, very very good.