Thursday, January 3, 2013

I agree

Click here if you accept the terms and conditions.  Yikes!  How many times have I clicked it and NEVER even opened the link to at least scan the terms and conditions.

I wonder how many things in our life we say that we agree to so we can really get what we want without ever reading the fine print to know the heart of the cause, to understand the legality of the issue or heeding the cautions that are given.

This takes my mind to the Word of God.  Too often, we call ourselves "Christians" but don't ever read the Bible.  How can we be a follower of Jesus if we don't listen to His words.  The Bible is God-breathed words to us.  I'm loving a new feature to the You Version Bible App that I just discovered.  It's the "Community" notes.  Some of them are just way "out there," but!  What a blessing to hear what God reveals to others in the same reading that I have just read.  This feature is allowing me to spend more time in His word, digging deeper into meaning and understanding.

I probably will still quickly click the "I agree to the terms and conditions" box when it pops up in the future, but I do love where it got my mind going today.

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