Thursday, April 14, 2011

Even the Seeds of Weeds

It is that time of year again.... the time of year where all sorts of spiritual analogies flood my mind as my hands are in the earth digging, pulling, planting and pruning.

Forgive me if I've shared or overused these analogies... but the Bible is to blame. Jesus used plant analogies LOTS, so I will to.

We want the good stuff, the pretty flowers, to take root and flourish. Right? So, I look at all that is involved in helping that desire along. I find great soil and I feed each plant with some pebbled looking "root blast". Root blast? Really? Well, hmmmm..... what would root blast look like spiritually in my life? In your life?
I water. I gingerly handle the plant and give it a nice place to live as I will it to take root.

But the weeds? Oh, no! I grip firmly and practically curse the entire root existence out of my flower beds. Be gone. I give some muscle into it and I pull with might and you know what? It's messy sometimes when it finally loosens and releases it's root from it's home. A messy splash of dirt in my face and all over my clothes cause me to think about how messy it is to deal with the sin in our lives especially to the root of the issue. What has taken root in your life that will be messy once you start to get a grip on it and begin the removal process? And even more... that one weed and the root that you've dealt with all too often has inevitably left some of it's seeds in that region.

The weed's seeds are there, my friend. Once exposed it more difficult to maintain weed free. Some may hear this fully and some may not. But, I caution you to not think you have dealt with the issue because the isolated event was dealt with. Those seeds go deep. But, God goes even deeper still.


Chelle said...

Bravo friend, well stated. I was just outside Tuesday planting, pulling, and wondering how those weeds too such hold. Whew, easy to see how not paying attention can impact the life trying to grow all around. :)

kaylyn said...

Love this Rach!!! So, so grateful that my God is deeper still!

Mimi said...

I love to see the flowers blooming in your life!! I know, the biblical word is fruit.....but it didn't go as well with the analogy.

Missie said...

So true! Thank you for this! I have been focusing a lot on growing where I have been planted, but we need to remember to watch out for those weeds which are so sneaky

Irritable Mother said...

Ah, yes. When we had our first home and I was responsible for yard work for the first time, I became convinced that Gardening 101 should be a required course for all seminary students. TONS of sermon illustrations!!!