Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Static cling annoyance!

I was taking down the Christmas decorations and the tree stood waiting. As everything was packed in boxes and waiting for the attic, I turned and faced the tree. I did NOT want to tackle this. I could handle the ornaments if that was all I was taking down but the lights, oh, the lights!!! I watched Nick struggle work to put all those lights up! I know, I know, the words PRE - LIT are running through my head too at this point of the story.

I had those darn little green fake Christmas tree "leaves" (more like one inch static cling annoyances) all over the place. ON the carpet, my clothes, the wall, the dog....uuugh. I felt my bad mood building and decided I would just start doing Christmas decorations in the future with no tree. Bah, hum-bug, huh?

Well, now it's all put away and I'm sure that by next year, I'll have enough spirit to brave a tree with lights and the whole deal!

Normally, I put some sort of spiritual analogy into what I learned about this experience. Well, I'm blank. I just wanted everyone to get a picture of me and the tree.

Have a great day!


Chelle said...

I got an image of a tree attacking you and you being stuck behind it against the wall. HA!

We have a pre-lit tree and some of the "leaves" do fall but they don't stick to anything. And here in dry west Texas, no risk of a fire.

Happy un-decorating.

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Rachel, I was taking down decorations at work yesterday and had a similar Bah, humbug! feeling. I thought, If I never touch another strand of Christmas lights again, it will be too soon!
Here's to being done until next year. And to the likelihood that we'll forget the annoyance enough that we'll do it all over again. *wink*

Heather said...

Release yourself from the drama...go buy a dad-gum pre-lit tree! There REAL cheap right now. :)

Thanks for the mental image of you shaking your fist and cursing the tree under your breath!

Heather said...

THEY'RE! I totally meant "they're REAL cheap right now". Blech. Bad grammar.

Stacey said...

i love that i could HEAR YOUR VOICE saying that last bit...made me laugh out loud! xoxo