Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I like new! This is why I rearrange often. I only rearranged my study today, but the newness is refreshing. I gave my blog a new look as well (as I had to get rid of my Christmas template since it is over!)

With this "new" template, I put one of my favorite verses up under my blog title. It is Phil. 4:8. As I desire to think on things that are right, pure, lovely and admirable; I realized this might change the tone somewhat of my blog. I have a tendency to be so very transparent that it can come across as negative.

I think there is a fine line here. I want to be an encouragement to anyone who reads these words. I want the lessons I learn to somehow help other people. I want to glorify God in the midst of any difficulty. But, how to do all of this without sounding like I'm moaning and complaining about the things that are hard for me? I have been rather silent on this blog these past 3 weeks as I'm prayerfully seeking an answer to this.

I was reading Paul's words in Romans 7 this morning and feel like he was being transparent without sounding like a 'complainer'. So, as I write (in the future) I will be prayerful with my words so as to encourage and lift up anyone who reads as well as display God's strength and power in my life for HIS glory!


Chelle said...

I love the new blog look! I am with you about rearranging and such. I do that often, much to my husband's dismay! LOL!

It is a fine line sometimes between being honest and not sounding like whining. If you believe it is something that will help someone else, or at least allow them to know they are not alone, I think it's beneficial. Besides, life isn't always grand!

But seriously, I like when you write, period, no mater what :)

As a very random sidenote, the word verification I got is "eadalpoo" and because my mind is similar to that of a 5 year old boy, I started giggling.

happyhome said...

Love the look of your blog and the transparency of your writing. And the rearranging furniture thing....I think we would get along well!! I call it "free decorating"!