Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm one of those that "needs" coffee in the morning. It has always been the first thing I go to. Even to read the Bible, I "need" my coffee. So, on our recent camping trip in Colorado, for the first time out of all my camping, I didn't have to have "cowboy coffee" because who does that when VIA exists? I felt so spoiled having such a good cup of joe in a camping environment. Now I sound like a commercial for VIA or something. I'm not trying to sell it, I'm actually just babbling about my coffee addiction.

My real point is actually a sad point. It must be sad as I've sat and stared at the cursor cautioning the words in my head to sound right as I write them. Hmmm...... There are pretty much two different cups that I have in my hand on any given day. A coffee cup (up to 3 in the afternoon) and a wine glass (anytime after 5 in the evening.) Now, while the coffee is an everyday occurrence, the wine is not.

But, often enough that I am posing this question to myself:

Can only God satisfy me?

Oh, how wonderfully righteous I would sound if I said yes! But, I'm just not so sure. Do I LOVE and NEED God? YES. A resounding YES. But I'm really hung up on the word satisfaction. I know that God quenches things in me that only HE can. But are the wine and coffee habits quenching something else that I'm not allowing God to quench?

I'm putting these questions out there at the exact time of them entering my mind. With this all said.... for anyone to read, I wonder how many others have things in their lives that satisfy in ways that we believe HE can't. I'm curious. Do you have anything like that at all? Surely I'm not the only one. I may the only one that posts it on the internet for all to read, but what I do with it is the important part.

I find it interesting that I haven't posted since the end of July, and first post out of the shoot has me challenged. Well, I'll keep you updated on what God does with these issues on my very tender heart.


gwyneth said...

I have to work out. There is something about the way I release a day, a trial, a moment, whatever, through working out. I am sitting here now, completely drained from my day. I wanted so much to swim laps after work, but I knew that would make it a late dinner. I am hoping to do yoga when the kids are in bed. I think we are all built differently with different needs. So, cheers!

Chelle said...

All around in our lives I think there is something, multiple things that we look to for satirsfaction when we could turn to God. I think it comes down to balance though; do we run to those things instead of God? Do we see our need for God or are we filling our lives with too much stuff?
Anything, and anyone can quickly can become an idol, in my opinion.
I am beginning to believe that much of the journey of faith is to become satisfied in Christ. If I lost it all, would I be ok? If I were to be a modern day Job, would I lift my hands and praise?
Furthermore, I am pretty sure I, at some point, had a great point to make but am now rambling. Mommy needs a nap.

Christy said...

I have to say coffee is the same way with myself... sometimes I wonder if I could let that go... and then at the moment of the thought i think... no way I love it too much. Is coffee an idol for me? If I can't let it go? Is it an addiction that I don't want to lay to rest? Is it something that I should lay to rest?

Your challenge has challenged me as well... thank you for your post.

Left me thinking,