Monday, August 30, 2010

Freshly mowed weeds

When we moved in to this new house at the beginning of the summer, we inherited a major weed problem in both the front and back yard. I'm talking crabgrass like you've never seen it before. It's nearly impossible to see any signs of bermuda grass growing in the midst of this overpowering weed. So, we're tackling it and have hired people to kill it in hopes that next year our yard will look decent.

It's strange, but something magical happens in me when I walk out to our freshly mowed crabgrass..... I am happy! For a moment, I feel like we have a normal yard. It's green and it's short. For about a day, I feel okay about our weed problem because it just doesn't look that bad.

I went on a run today and listened to a podcast that taught on our sin nature. I believe that my sin nature is much like the roots of this crabgrass. If I'm not poisoning the weed or pulling it up by it's root, I'm not getting rid of the weed at all. By merely mowing across the top of it, I just disguise it's identity until time reveals it's there and never went anywhere.

The seed of healthy bermuda grass has been planted in my heart. I see that as the Holy Spirit. Have you ever tried pulling Bermuda grass up by it's roots? Dang! It's really hard. Harder than crabgrass, actually. I have much evidence of the Holy Spirit in my life, but my nasty flesh shoots up and can change the whole look entirely. While I know that I am not going to have a weedless life (or a sin-free life), I do know that dealing with my sin accurately can make a huge difference on the glory that is brought to God.

**sidenote** The way I handle my sin does not determine my eternity. The promise of heaven became mine when I put my trust in the fact that Jesus paid for all of my sin ONCE for all on the cross. So, when I talk about dealing with my flesh and and my sin on a daily basis, it is NOT to earn a righteous standing or anything special in my eternity. That is done and can't be tampered with. Jesus already paid it and God already sees me as righteous because of His Son. Rightly handling my sin is so that God can be glorified, others will see Him and I may have victory! **

Now, to the de-weeding process. I know that it will take time to have the Bermuda become what it seen rather than the Crabgrass in our yard. The killing off process is long. I have root sins that I am currently tackling in my own life. I want to deal with these sins SO THAT Christ may be seen in me and not my flesh. To God be the glory no matter what!


keep running said...

What a great illustration :) Thanks for taking the time to share!

Chelle said...

Amen sister.

Christy said...

Awesome post... You ROCK!

nikkie said...

love the sidenote!

Heather said...

Yes, yes, yes and yes! To all of it! (Especially the sidenote!!!)

Mimi said...

TO God be the glory!! IT is finished!! What powerful words for all eternity!! And the resurrection to prove that it was finished!! ONE day...maybe more weeds!!