Sunday, December 6, 2009


So, with my mind on a possible job move and our upcoming trip to Colorado, I really didn't want to get the Christmas decorations out to put up for what I think to be too short of a time. Some single moms were walking door to door last weekend selling Mistletoe. I gave my donation and hung it in the entry way. Satisfied with my small Christmas spirit, I thought I was done decorating the house.
Well, after a facebook status discussion, I felt that I was being selfish to my girls by not making the effort. So, out they came!!! We did all but the tree. Christmas spirit dwells within my home now. In doing this, I let the girls try on their dresses from Poppi and Mimi that have patiently gone untouched all year. Here are their sweet faces after decorating together!


Christy said...

they are so beautiful.... great picture. I hope that the reason behind this season... swells withing your heart and you are able to dance around a bit with the girls under the lights with the beautiful Christmas decorations around. I have been doing that with my 2 boys and 1 girl and it is JOY written on all our faces. have a blast!

Nikkie said...

Yea! for putting up the decorations.....i know the girls loved every minute! you are not alone in that happens to me every year!

Staceystace said...

They look lovely! I know what you mean about not wanting to decorate. I am just not into it. I ask every year, "Do we have to put up a tree?" ...and every year Mark and all three kids say, "Of course we do." So Mark put it up this year. :)