Saturday, December 8, 2007

Birthday party hangover!!!

I can't believe how "worked" I feel just from throwing a Birthday Party! My oldest daughter, Ashlyn, turned 7 yesterday! Today the hangover looks like this:

"Can we get onto Webkinz and set up my new pets' room?"
"Can I go to so and so's house?"
"I want another cupcake, cookie, etc..."
"Can we play with the moonsand?"
"Can I start my bracelet craft?"

I'm sure you can identify. It's like after Christmas. I simply want to take a nap when it's all over. But all the gifts and sugar did was ignite something in them to go, go, go!

Then there's the American Girl Doll. So,I gave in to the often requested doll. Ashlyn LOVES her, but so do Megan and Kenna. They want one. They want to play with Ashlyn's. I feel kind of sick and wrong telling my younger ones that this doll is "hands off!" It's a doll! Maybe there is a support group somewhere for mother's of kiddos with American Girl dolls.....Sign me up!

Then I remember the verse to do everything without complaining or arguing. Conviction! May I not complain about the things that feel hard in the moment. I am thankful that we were able to celebrate her life and build such great memories.


Chelle said...

Hope you get some rest today!

Dina said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!!! I only have one but I definetly can relate to others wanting in on the presents ( I DO have siblings :)

StaceyStace said...

We love American Girl dolls around here, too. We gave Sara one for her 7th birthday, as well. I just have a slight problem with paying the same prices for clothing for a doll as I do for my daughter! Sara actually uses a lot of clothes from other dolls for "Kit" - ones that cost much less. (clothes for the Build-A-Bears work, too - they are the same size!)

Happy Birthday to your little girl!

StaceyStace said...

I'm a dork - I left a comment for you, but I left it on my own blog!
Here it is:
Yeah, you can be sure I do not generally use words like this one! I like to learn new words, but I forget to try to impress my friends and regress to "so, you know, um..."

Aron & Suz said...

congrats on a successful party! now, you need to change her age on the side of your blog. :)