Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I have had more "drafts" on this blog in the past few years than I have actual posts.  This is due in part to an enemy of mine called "Comparison."  I used to write my little blog posts with little insecurity.  When a love for reading encompassed me, I saw it.  So clearly, I saw that I was NOT a writer.  The things I had to say didn't seem that spectacular either.  Or maybe my exact message was already delivered in a perfect little chapter of a book and wrapped neatly with a bow to tie up the thoughts perfectly and beautifully.  And BOOM: I was silenced by Comparison.

So, my voice is weak and weary.  I'm clearing my throat.  I've been nourished with literary morsels.  Strengthened (and wearied) by remarkable thoughts and ideas.  So, as to not become stagnant, I write again.  (or I will in a day or two!)

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