Saturday, January 25, 2014

The "Ghost" is clear!!!!

I didn't used to be a reader.  In fact, at some point in college, I realized I had only ever read "Charlotte's Web."  I wrote a paper on "Pilgrim's Progress", but I know I didn't read the whole book.  I probably just skimmed for sentences that I could expand on.  This is a really sad fact to me.  ESPECIALLY now that I have kids of my own that I would love to see reading all the time, like me!

That's right, in 2008, I finally became "A Reader."  My definition of being a reader:
A reader- always having a book that you are currently reading.
My pace has picked up to about 1 or 2 books per month.  I keep an on-going list of the books I've read (that dates all the way back to when I started in 2008.)  That list reminds me of a silly little list I kept in a billfold of boys that I kissed.  Sad but true.

There is something terrific about books.  They can be used for, an escape, education, entertainment, enrichment, pleasure, teaching, understanding and so much more. 

Anyway, I can get overwhelmed by the list of books that people recommend. Especially if you don't know what they use their reading material for.  I've found that one of my favorite things about reading happens when I come across the correct usage of idioms and such.  So, for now... the coast is clear!


Karen Hossink said...

Ahhhh, I used to hate reading, too.
The current book I am reading is one I chose because I am a "writer". The book is called "Gadsby" and was written in 1939 - without the use of the letter "e".
The whole novel excludes that most common letter.
When I heard about it, I was so intrigued at the writing challenge it would present - I simply had to read it. ;)
Next on my list? Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs. LOVE her books!

Rachel Meyer said...

Karen~ I LOVE hearing what other people are reading! Thanks for sharing :)

3RMama said...

I just read 'The Great Divorce" by CS Lewis. I had no idea it was a story! I love love loved it. Going to have to read it again. =)