Sunday, June 26, 2011

Victory Run

I've been told to go slow and not very far on my very first run since surgery. So, I tightened my shoelaces (they've been on lax-tie since January) and turned on my ipod. I intentionally did NOT wear my garmin as I did not want to see how slow I would run my very short distance back at it!

My goal was to the entrance of my neighborhood. That's a quarter of a mile.... Wahoo! We're talking big time, here!

On the way out I was paying attention to every bone and joint and muscle in my body. Then a good song came on and I felt myself settle in and a smile crept on my face. It was like some sort of long lost identity was found. I am a runner! Even when I was runner I didn't feel like I was a runner. But here I was in the 100 degree heat mid-summer-day in OK running with a smile on my face.

I came back to the house and got my knee brace (that I was supposed to have on in the first place) and headed back out to the entrance of my neighborhood. On my way back, I decided that I could call this almost ONE mile run a victory run because I stopped due to the heat... NOT pain, NOT injury, NOT weakness!!!!

I think I've logged my first run back after injury, surgery and recovery :)

I feel a little like this:


Anonymous said...

Way to go Rachel! I am really happy for you.

Chelle said...


Mimi said...

I'm happy for you!!

3RMama said...

Go Rachel Go!!!