Monday, February 7, 2011


Like a journal that was lost or forgotten, How do I even catch this blog up after a month?

It's not that SO much has happened, it's that I've had so much negativity within me, each time I began a post, It came out too "junky" if you will.

Nick has begun traveling with his new job. This is only somewhat of a hardship. I remember having little pre-schoolers with a traveling husband and that was a HUGE hardship. It's nice that the girls are older and it is not as difficult to manage things around here while he's gone. But, it still is a hardship nonetheless.

I've had physical sickness and pains this past month that have me at my whit's end!!!

We have had and will have again snow around here causing school to be closed.... egats! Need I say more about that one?

But I must say that in the midst of all of this, I feel so close to Jesus. He is my true REFUGE. I completely trust that I am right where I am supposed to be and that my current difficulties are hand-crafted for me.

As I've been in Physical Therapy, I see a guy next to me who truly does have it worse than me. But, that doesn't make my "bad" go away. As a matter of fact, ( I know I've posted about this before.... but here I go again) a healthy dose of perspective is good for any or all who will but look. There is a HUGE difference between taking a look to gain perspective and taking a look to compare.

My church just did a wonderful sermon on comparisons this past week. Check it out if you want to here! All of it was so applicable. So, now, in the hard that I've had and the hard I will have, I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus asking Him what I am to learn from it. Who am I to be as a result of it?

God, May I be a wonderful example to all or any that watch what I go through. May your Spirit deliver the patience and strength I need. Thank you for personally loving me. Thank you for being on my side and not against me.


Chelle said...

Praying for your healing friend!

Neeko said...

You rock! I love your new look on here (maybe it's not new but it is to me). Love you! and you might want to change the following line, "My church just did a wonderful sermon on comparisons this past week. Check it out of you want to here!" to say "if" you want to instead of "of". ;)