Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gone for a week

My husband and mother are the greatest!!! They have allowed me to come to the Youth Specialties convention in Atlanta to volunteer for their NYWC for a week. It's been so great to have such a different environment!

Here's how I started out my thoughts on my way out of town!!!
A (kind of) break for 8 days!!!

I’m so excited to be at an airport right now. I feel as if I could do all the waiting in the world because it is such a break from my “norm.” I am headed to Atlanta where I will be volunteering for Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention.

When I am away from my children, I don’t typically view anything else as work. I mean, I am going to “work” but in reality, I get to have a place where I get to hang out with my two sisters and some amazing, fun, great people. On top of that, it’s like an extended family gathering in that we are all there for one purpose. We all love the Lord and are in some way doing His work. It looks similar to a lot of those youth pastors. It looks similar to a lot of those on YS Staff and it may look similar to a lot of the volunteers. But, we are all children of God that bring hearts ready to worship and receive what He has for us in different ways.

When I am in airports or on a plane, I feel so small and God feels so big. I hear the multi languages spoken in our nation’s capital and realize that my little world that I live in is just that…. A little world. When we are ascending over terrain that you can’t see from the ground and take a new view of people’s homes and their lives and traffic filled highways, God is LARGE. He knows my itinerary. He knows my destination. He knows my heart. He also knows the person’s heart sitting next to me. He also knows that guy and that girl and that whole road full of cars and all those neighborhoods and it doesn’t just stop at the water’s edge.
Man, get me out of the house and I’m like a child being exposed to such things for the first time!!! It’s exciting to realize just how huge He is and it’s humbling to know that My Life itinerary is in His hands. Oh, how I take great comfort in that!!!!

I’ve been reading Donald Miller’s, “Searching For God Know’s What” during my travels today and he has been talking a great deal about sizing people up or comparing them. Great thing for me to be reminded of line after line as I’m around so many different people!!! Who am I to think anything special of myself? I am nothing. Christ in me is everything.

I will be posting on the flip side of this event, right before Thanksgiving!!


Emily said...

hey girl! wow! i pray you have an awesome time! I am so excited for you to get some time away. hope you have a great thanksgiving and i will be checking back in with you soon!
love, em

Irritable Mother said...

Yeeha for your husband and mother!!!
So glad you had this chance to get away, and be a child again.